Charlie Mac

Meet Charlie Mac

Side-splittingly funny stories.

The Don of Comedy himself, Charlie Mac, has been bringing his own fresh flavor of stand-up to the stage for over 3 years now. Hysterical, relatable storytelling, jaw-droppingly off-the-wall scenarios and a raw performance style

— Charlie gives his all in everything he does; from packing out regional
shows to racking up the views from online skits.

Eighty-Nine shows. Forty-Eight cities. Seventeen states. In just a short span of time, Charlie is already making a big impact. A true comedian of the people, his fans aren’t just a number.

They’re family. The comic has built a loyal following from the ground up that he calls the “Mac Pac”. The name, Charlie, comes from the Chicago slang word for “friend”, and Mac is a homage to his comedy idol Bernie Mac. Having lived in 13 different states, he’s had his fair share of life experiences.

A set with Charlie is like sitting down for a few beers with an old friend. Wholesome, lighthearted and much needed. He’s performed shows at the majority of top-tier comedy venues in America, and has won first place at 8 comedy contests. Charlie’s also writtin multiple movies and plays, preparing for a seventy city international tour, and will be hosting Austins first annual comedy award show soon. The self-proclaimed “Don of Comedy”, he’s got big ambitions for making his mark on the world of stand-up and beyond.

Charlie’s been bringing the laughs his whole life. In school he was the class clown and
thrived of entertaining his peers. He originally wanted to be a rapper but was pushed
into comedy, as his friends and family saw the natural talent he had for it. Charlie is also originally from Chicago and is the oldest sibling of three little sisters.